Who's who

Project Board

Mayfield Community Centre Advisory

Parish Council

Cllr Ian Parker: PC chairman
Cllr Chris Lilly: Chair MCC and F&GP committees

Wealden District Council

Cllr Kelvin Williams: Portfolio Holder for Public Health & Asset Management

Cllr Brian Redman: District Councillor for Mayfield & Five Ashes
Kristina Shaw-Hamilton: Officer and director of strategic assets and legal

Advisory committee reporting to the Parish Council


Cllr Chris Lilly: Committee chairman
Cllr Ian Parker (PC chair)
Cllr Paul Jarvis
Cllr Andrew Ratcliffe
Cllr Howard Blakebrough
Cllr Andrew Burnett
Cllr Joel Marlow
James Lench: Lay member
Sarah Johnson: Lay member