The Mayfield and Five Ashes website is currently being updated behind the scenes.

The aims of the update are to:

  • support local businesses, especially in Mayfield High Street, by improved promotion of Mayfield and Five Ashes as an attractive place to visit; and by making it easy to find what is on offer.  Commercial vibrancy is essential in maintaining the character of the villages and their attractiveness as places to live
  • provide an up-to-date information hub with key details about Mayfield and Five Ashes, its news, events, activities, council, churches, societies and businesses
  • link to sources of further information such as social media and other websites as well as printed material
  • enhance the design and layout to make it more attractive and accessible
  • make the website easier to maintain with simple editing of sections of content by different people
  • investigate the possibility of offering groups based in M&FA the opportunity to have pages with their own identity within the structure of this website

It is planned to release the new website during the summer.

Currently work is being done on overall design, identifying the required website pages and sourcing or writing the necessary content.

If you have any suggestions for content to be included please click, tap or swipe here to email us

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