Members of Wateryard Theatre Group, Mayfield Phoenix Players and other local partners are exploring the feasibility of putting on a community play in Mayfield in 2018.

WHY: To have fun; celebrate local history and culture; and build better relationships between members of the community of all ages.

WHAT ABOUT: Taking a long view of history. Maybe the 100th anniversary of the end of First World War, but focusing on what happened next in Mayfield. What had changed? How did the returning soldiers and their families and friends cope? Was there help for heroes?

WHO: Everyone in the village will be invited to take part. A professional writer and director will be commissioned. As well as actors a large production team will be needed for example, for research and writing, publicity, sets, props and costumes, ticket sales and front of house. A steering group will be set up to make the project a success.

WHERE: The venue could be indoors (e.g. a church, village or school hall), outdoors (e.g. marquee on Court Meadow or in school grounds) or pageant style with the audience progressing between different sites.

WHEN: Five performances (Tuesday-Saturday) in Summer (June-July) or Autumn (October-November) 2018. It will take between 9 months and
1 year to develop (3-4 months research and writing; plus 6-8 months rehearsals).

HOW MUCH: A budget with fund raising locally and through applying for grants.

WHAT NEXT: All Mayfield’s groups and societies will be invited to get involved. We also aim to learn from local people who have experience of
putting on community plays. Next meeting: Tuesday 17th January 2017 to decide if there is enough support in the community to go ahead.