Update on proposed library closure

The Parish Council and MAYFACS met with the Head of Customer and Library Services from East Sussex County Council (ESCC) on 16th October to discuss possible options to maintain a library in Mayfield. We were informed that their Library Services is aware of how very unpopular is the proposed closure of the seven libraries and the withdrawal of the mobile service.

Libraries are safe and trusted spaces in the community where there is free access not only to books and information but also professional advice and support which is needed to help find resources and to use them effectively. The Parish Council does not want to see this valuable service cut and a way forward is currently under discussion with the following options being considered:

  • Retaining the existing library facility managed by ESCC but paid by community funding
  • Meeting half way with ESCC providing some elements and the community running and funding the rest
  • Paying ESCC to keep the library on the existing basis with additional volunteer run opening hours
  • Paying ESCC to maintain the existing stock control only with the community running and funding the library
  • Running the library on an entirely voluntary basis with book stock operating by means of donations and community fundraising.

East Sussex Libraries – The Way Forward consultation is open until 14th December 2017 and you can take part by accessing the below link. Hard copies are available at the library.