Uckfield Town Centre Reinvestment Project

Dear residents, business people and stakeholders,

In case you miss anything important we like to give you an occasional roundup of news about the Uckfield TCR Project:

  1. Free four-week bus saver tickets on Brighton and Hove buses for employees during the High Street ImprovementsTo help reduce the number of car journeys into and out of the town, employers in Uckfield have the opportunity to sign up to a scheme that will give their employees a FREE four week bus saver ticket on Brighton and Hove buses.

    Full details are yet to be announced but in the meantime any employer wishing to sign up for the scheme should email Patrick Warner at patrick.warner@buses.co.uk

    Patrick will need a name, address, telephone number and most importantly an email address (preferably a business email address) to set the product up.

    This may be followed later by a special offer ticket for shoppers travelling into Uckfield from Lewes or Crowborough.

  2. Free parking at weekends in the station car park and the shuttle busThere is now extra free parking Saturday and Sunday at the train station which means visitors can park, shop and enjoy a bite to eat without any charge to park their car.

    All the Council car parks will remain open throughout the duration of the roadworks.

    There is also a shuttle-bus in operation which serves those living to the north of roadworks – please let us know if you would like a copy of the timetable.

  3. The one way systemYou can still drive down the High Street, one-way southbound.

    At present, If you use the Luxford Field car park, you can turn left as you leave it as the High Street is still two-way above the roadworks. So the town is easily accessible both north and south.

  4. The Uckfield Works 2016 Group – updateYou may recall that the Joint Committee formed this working group at the end of 2015.

    In January this year the Town Council decided to establish its own working group. This group has the same aims as the Joint Committee’s group and so to avoid the risk of confusion, duplication of effort and additional pressures on the limited resources available, the Uckfield Works 2016 group has now ceased meeting.

    The Town Council’s group is called the ‘Uckfield – the future’. It has been encouraged to pursue the various initiatives that the earlier group was working on and the Joint Committee have made £2,500 available for the group to spend on organising events during the roadworks

  5. Joint Committee MinutesThe Minutes of the recent Joint Committee meeting have now been published. The meeting included an update from the Uckfield Town Centre Improvement Highway Project Board, the request for funding from the Town Council mentioned above and decisions regarding the next steps to progress the regeneration phase.