Mayfield has two parking spaces in each of its car parks (Memorial Hall and South Street) for those with Blue Badges . Similarly Five Ashes has two spaces in the parking by the village hall.  There are also a number of double yellow lines in Mayfield High Street which allows for disabled parking close to the shops.

However, Mayfield High Street poses some challenges for those in wheelchairs or with difficulty walking due to its historic design: there is a raised pavement with two steps along the north side of the street and on the south side there is no pavement in the middle and at the western end there is a narrow section of sunken pavement with steps up to the road.  Many of the shops have steps to access them. Most of the roads in Mayfield and Five Ashes do not have pavements and so users must be very cautious of vehicles, so there is a greater risk for those with limited sight or hearing.

There are male and female public toilets available at the bottom of car park in South Street Mayfield (postal code TN20 6DF) open daily from 8am to 6pm BUT you have to negotiate three small steps to reach them.

The Games Barn in Mayfield has accommodation for disabled people.

Bedgebury Forest has adapted cycles for disabled people and those with learning difficulties