Mayfield On Call Fire Station Options Appraisal

At its meeting in February, East Sussex Fire Authority requested an options appraisal for Mayfield On-Call Community Fire Station. This will consider a number of factors including the fire station’s contribution to overall service risk reduction and resilience, and proposed arrangements for maintaining public safety in the area currently served by Mayfield. It will also look at options to redistribute resources based on risk and the closure and sale of the fire station.  

The report considered by the Fire Authority at its meeting can be found here and contains further information about why Mayfield has been identified as a possible area for change.    

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Preventing, protection and response

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service does more than simply respond to emergencies. It works to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place, and to protect people and property. We aim to do this by managing our resources, our budget and our people as effectively as possible.  Achieving this is becoming more and more difficult at a time of increased demand in some areas, such as supporting the ambulance service.  Alongside this, the risks faced by our communities are also changing, and it has become harder to recruit on-call firefighters who can provide emergency cover at the times we need them most. 

The Fire Authority keeps it management of community risk including its fire stations and appliances under constant review.  Information on the community risk management process can be found here.

As mentioned, the Fire Authority has asked for an options appraisal for Mayfield On Call Fire Station.   The Fire Authority will consider the full options appraisal at its meeting on the 13th of June 2024 and if agreed those options will be subject to a full twelve week public consultation starting in June 2024 and finishing in September 2024.  Findings would then be reported to the Fire Authority.

An online survey can be found here, or you can reply via email to  Please can you ensure your responses are made by Friday 30th April 2024.  

 We would welcome views on:

  • What do you consider the main risks to be in your local area?
  • Are there any local issues or impacts you feel we need to be aware of?
  • What information do you think we need to consider in developing the options? 
  • What are the factors we need to consider when taking the options appraisal out to public consultation?
  • What other ideas can you suggest for us to meet our financial challenges?

If you would like to take part but do not have access to the internet, please ring 0303 9991000 to leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you.

If you would like to be kept informed of this work, please subscribe to our newsletter.  You can do this online at East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (  or you can email your details into