Statement from Woodhill Surgery


Over the past 2-3 years, I have communicated our support and need for the development on many occasions.  Not only detailing the benefits for our patients but also commenting on the consequences if this were to fail.  In an open letter to the Newsletter dated 6 June 2020, I made the following statement:

“Personally I am very concerned that if this pandemic continues or we see a second wave, we will struggle, simply because we do not have suitable premises or infrastructure to support it.  I firmly believe that our new way of working will continue for a number of years and I also believe that we will be expected as a GP surgery to facilitate hot and cold zoning for many years to come, if that is the case then without a new building, I am afraid we will have no option but to close and leave you with no choice but to find another GP surgery”

I stand by that statement and it is a very real possibility if this development doesn’t proceed.  In 2016 Sussex CCG highlighted Woodhill Surgery as “high priority” for development as the current surgery is not fit for purpose, we are now 4 years on with no improvements.  The Partners and I continue to question our future in Mayfield without a new facility.  We have not signed a new lease but operating under a rolling lease, this clearly highlights our commitment for the development but also highlights the precarious situation we are in.  Our current facility is NOT fit for purpose and we cannot say if and when the CQC will enforce closure but this is a real possibility and must not be underestimated.  Over the past 2 weeks I have invited feedback from our patients.  I sent over 3000 text messages to patients inviting feedback by email or telephone (WHICH CLEARLY HIGHLIGHTS A DESIRE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT TO PROCEED AND FOR WOODHILL SURGERY TO REMAIN IN MAYFIELD, without it, we cannot guarantee our future.

Andrew Cornell

9th May 2022