Primary schools photos, life stories and much more

Cover page of the August 2018 edition of the Mayfield and Five Ashes newsletterAugust’s edition of the Mayfield and Five Ashes newsletter is now available in print from the usual outlets around the parish.

It contains a fantastic colour centrefold with photographs of Mayfield CoE and Five Ashes CoE Primary schools pupils showing sports days, plays, trips and many other activities.  Then there a fascinating article about the Life Stories where 8 Mayfield School pupils talked to 8 senior local residents. Plus – an interview with the director of the Mayfield Community Play which will be staged at the end of October; details of the Cricket Week (this week!), puzzles and riddles for those who like competitions; and much more.

Grab your printed copy now – a small voluntary contribution would be most appreciated to help pay for the production costs.  The digital copy will not be available for another few days.