Planning Application WD/2023/2171/LB – The Vicarage, High Street

Planning Application WD/2023/2171/LB – The Vicarage, High Street, Mayfield, TN20 6AB


The erection of full external scaffold including a tin hat for weather protection. Strip off existing roof covering and set aside tiles for re-use. De-frass roof timbers and treat with a dual purpose insecticide / fungicide to remove identified active death watch beetle and common furniture beetle. Replace any excessively damaged or weakened timbers with oak timbers to match existing section. Re-roof with existing/ retained roof tiles, any required replacements will be to clay tiles match existing (front roof slope to be 100% salvaged tiles). Tiles to be installed to new treated timber battens on breathable Proctor Roofshield Membrane. Repairs and replacement to lead flashings as required to match existing in accordance with lead sheet association guidelines. 

Street-facing lead dormers to be assessed once scaffold access is in place to identify any wants of repair. Any necessary repairs to be discussed with the conservation officer. In conjunction with the roof works, any previously painted elements are to be redecorated, including cast iron rainwater goods and timber windows. Any decayed timber windowsills are to have new timber sections to match existing scarfed in and bonded using Repair Care Dry Flex 4 Resin prior to redecoration. 

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