Parish News – September 2014

Susan (Jayne) Bramwell: It is with enormous sadness we recently learnt that Jayne Bramwell, who served on the Parish Council for well over ten years, passed away after battling a long illness.

Jayne was an immensely influential figure on the Parish Council. Much admired, and of robust views, she was a passionate campaigner, protecting our local rights of way, championing our bridleways and having the fortitude to cut through the red tape that so dominates local councils. She was instrumental in setting up the Rights of Way Committee, an initiative that continues to thrive today that helps to preserve our enjoyment of the countryside.

Among one of her more recent campaigns was to successfully negotiate a licence with ESCC, to reopen part of the disused Cuckoo Line between Mayfield and Rotherfield for walkers. This campaign continues and, in spite of ESCC’s wish to sell off the land, we are determined to ensure her legacy remains and keep it in the public domain.

We also remember Jayne as someone who got things done; there were no half measures. If a Parish matter needed attention, she was instantly on the phone or knocking on doors to address the issue. Her mentoring and encouragement when I first joined the Parish Council was tremendous, as was the support she gave me when stepping up to being Chairman. I will miss her, the Parish Council will miss her and the communities of Mayfield and Five Ashes will be a lesser place without her – she will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts are with her family.

Jerry Watkiss  – Chairman, Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council

Parish Council Grants: As mentioned in the August edition of the newsletter, applications for grants for the 2015/16 financial year should be submitted in writing to the Parish Clerk by 30th September 2014. To apply you will need to provide details of the project your organisation has in mind and the total cost wherever practicable or relevant. A copy or summary of your organisation’s last end of year accounts is also required. Individual grants may be made available up to a maximum of £500. They will be match funded and therefore the applicant must cover at least 50% of the total project cost.

FOOTPATH 92: You may be dispirited to learn that East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has informed the Parish Council that they do not intend to renew the licence for Footpath 92 which runs from Tunbridge Wells Road along the path of the old Cuckoo Line to Rotherfield. ESCC have offered to sell the land for £30,000 which is beyond the means of the Parish Council and so we have requested that the land is revalued. As some of the footpath lies within Rotherfield Parish we will also be liaising with Rotherfield Parish Council to discuss whether they are interested in its purchase and upkeep.

As well as providing a beautiful walk or ride in its own right, Footpath 92 is the only pedestrian access from Mayfield to Rotherfield without having to walk along the busy A267 at Argos Hill where the road is at its most dangerous for pedestrians. Footpath 92 also provides walkers with the opportunity to connect with Rotherfield’s network of rights of way.

Memorial Hall car park recycling centre: Now that Wealden District Council has increased kerbside collections for waste recycling it has been noted that the number of recycling bins required in the Memorial Hall car park has reduced. Following a meeting with Kier it was agreed that the glass recycling bins can be reduced by 50% and that one paper recycling bin can be removed to hopefully provide a little additional car parking space. The remaining glass recycling bins now take mixed glass so that bottles do not have to be sorted into clear, green or brown.

Court Meadow Improvements: Thank you for cooperating with the temporary closures to the Court Meadow play area while the bark chips were being replaced and the footpath to from the Memorial Hall car park to Fletching Street during resurfacing works.

Faster Broadband: Work to connect remaining cabinets and laying fibre has been completed and superfast broadband is available in this area. To find out whether this is available to you use Go East Sussex’s landline checker at: you will then need to contact your existing Internet Service Provider for more information or to place an order to get superfast broadband installed on your phone line.

Have your say on car parking: Wealden District Council is making changes to layouts and timings in some of its Public Car Parks. A new Off Street Car Parking Order is proposed to meet parking requirements and to provide greater flexibility for local users and visitors. The proposed changes follow initial consultations with the Town and Parish Councils, Chambers of Commerce, East Sussex County Council, Voluntary Associations and the Public.

The proposed Off Street Car Parking Order can be found on the Council’s website Printed versions are available at the Council Offices in Hailsham, the Libraries in the District and Town and Parish Council offices. .Your views are now invited before the Council decides on the changes to the Parking Order. Please send these either via email to:, or their above website address or by post to: Wealden District Council, Car Parking, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham BN27 2AX before the 31st October deadline.

Anti-social behaviour survey: Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, has launched a public consultation inviting residents to have their say on how people who commit anti-social behaviour (ASB) are dealt with. A recent poll showed that anti-social behaviour is a big concern for local people, with littering, drug and alcohol misuse, inconsiderate driving and parking topping the list of issues local people are experiencing most often.

Community Remedy, which forms part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act (2014), is designed to introduce simpler and more effective powers for tackling lower level crimes. It is also designed to provide victims, should they want it, a say in how an offender will make amends for the matter if the crime warrants an out of court settlement.

From October this year victims of crime will be able to choose from a list of options and police officers will be responsible for ensuring the reparation is administered. This may include compensation for damage caused or repairing the damage themselves, such as removing graffiti. Your opinions on what these options should be in Sussex are required to ensure they reflect the views of our local communities. The consultation closes at midnight on 30th  September. A survey can be completed online at , which gives a list of options to consider as well as space for further suggestions. Printed copies of the survey can be requested by calling 01273 481561 or in writing to: Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Sackville House, Brooks Close, Lewes, BN7 2FZ.

Tackling burglary in Sussex – register your property today:Operation Magpie” is the shared ambition to make Sussex a ‘no go’ area for burglars. Police officers, staff and volunteers are working to make it impossible for burglars to operate in the county and now Sussex Police are asking for your help.

When officers respond to reports of burglary, they often cannot get enough detailed information about the items which have been stolen – without old boxes for electrical items or photographs of jewellery for example it can be very difficult to accurately identify what has been taken. Better information not only helps to get a better picture of where burglaries may be part of a series, it also greatly increases the chances of being able to reunite stolen property with its rightful owner. is a free website where you can register the details of your property. The site is not just for mobiles and electrical items with serial numbers; you can register absolutely anything using a photo and description. It is totally secure and is recommended by police forces around the UK. Police officers access the system when they deal with lost property or items which are believed to have been stolen. If property is registered on the site then the lawful owner can be identified. If your house is burgled or if you are a victim of theft, you will have a greater chance of being reunited with your property. Registering helps to catch burglars and people who trade in stolen goods and provides the evidence needed to prove that property is stolen. To assist Operation Magpie and tackle burglary in Sussex please take a few minutes to register your property on: