Parish News – November 2013

Mayfield Post Office: Newsletter readers will already know that October sadly saw the unavoidable closure of the Post Office. I have heard from many residents that they consider Paul Money to be the best Postmaster that Mayfield has ever had and that he is being missed. As Mayfield has been one of the most successful Post Offices in the region, we are confident that this service will resume in the future and talks are underway.

Meanwhile, the Scouts are very kindly lending their Community Minibus to enable Paul to provide free transport to and from Heathfield Post Office on Thursdays and to provide enough time for a bit of shopping and maybe a quick cuppa.


The minibus will leave the Middle House Bus Stop at 10.00am picking up at Five Ashes Village Hall at 10.05am. It will return from Heathfield Post office at 11.30am. It will leave again from Middle House Bus Stop at 12.30pm, plus pick up at Five Ashes Village Hall at 12.35pm, and then return from Heathfield Post Office at 2.00pm. The dates booked so far are: Thursday, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th November.

Budget inclusions – projects: This time of the year is always very busy as we have to prepare the budget for 2014/15 to enable the precept to be set. There are several projects that the Parish Council would like to instigate which include maintaining South Street toilets, refurbishing Court Meadow play area, upgrading street lighting from mercury to sodium bulbs and providing additional car parking in Mayfield.

Superfast Broadband Update: If you cast your mind back to the January 2013 Newsletter article, you will recall that we requested residents to register their support with the ‘Go e-sussex’ campaign for superfast broadband for Mayfield and Five Ashes. I am pleased to be able to inform you that Mayfield has been included in the first list of exchanges to be fibre-enabled.

Detailed planning and network design for the above areas is already underway and engineers will be seen surveying roadside cabinets from November. It typically takes between 6 to 9 months from the start of work on an exchange to upgraded services becoming available.*

Police Warning – Protecting yourself from doorstep crime: Most people who call at your home will be genuine, but sometimes people turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking people either by high pressure selling or using false identification. Their aim is to get into people’s homes. Rogue doorstep sellers and bogus callers will often be smartly dressed. They will usually have a story to get your attention. They may claim to be from, or working with, the council, police or utility companies. They can be convincing and persuasive – that’s their job and they’re good at it!

Some may even use false identity cards or dress up for the part, for example, by wearing overalls with a false company logo. If you are in any doubt don’t let them in.

Official visitors should always arrange an appointment beforehand. If you’re not expecting them and you are alone then ask them to call back later when you have somebody with you – they will always be happy to do this.

If someone calls at your door and offers to do repairs to your home or asks to come in so they can talk to you, you should do the following:

LOCK – keep front and back doors locked.

STOP – are you expecting anybody? Do they have an appointment?

CHAIN – put your door bar or chain on.

CHECK – check their details carefully but do not let them in. If you are interested then arrange for them to come back later when you have somebody with you and can give some thought to it.

Five Ashes War Memorial: There will be a re-dedication service for the newly refurbished Five Ashes War Memorial to be held at 2.15pm on Sunday, 10th November.

SWIMMING POOL FOR HEATHFIELD: Fundraising for the prospect of providing a swimming pool (25m long with 4 lanes) for the Heathfield area is off to a flying start; the project has received financial boosts from local events and private donors bringing the grand total to just over £400,000. Sport England are very enthusiastic about the prospect of an Olympic Legacy pool and have given a positive indication about the potential for financial support towards the project which has a capital budget of £3.25 million and is planned to be located at Heathfield Community College (Old Heathfield). If you are interested in supporting this project you can email: or you find out more from the website at

A few OTHER reminders:

  • In last month’s article I informed you of the temporary closure of Wealden Citizens Advice Bureaux. I should have mentioned and would like to remind residents that Open Door has an advisor from the Citizens Advice Bureau who attends London House on Wednesdays from 9.30 – 11.30am. No appointment is necessary.
  • Pedestrians using Fletching Street are reminded that there is a footpath that runs from Coggins Mill Lane to Tunbridge Wells Road. It is found to the right of The Rose and Crown and runs up through Court Meadow. A much safer option than negotiating the traffic on Fletching Street.
  • All Parish Council and Committee meetings are open for all members of the public to attend and to ask questions on agenda items. Please see the Parish Council website and noticeboards for details.

Dates of Council meetings in November

Date Meeting Venue Time
11 November 13 Planning Executive Old Manor House, High St, Mayfield 11:00
11 November 13 Full Parish Council Mayfield Primary School 19:30
25 November 13 Finance & General Purposes Old Manor House, High St, Mayfield 19:30
27 November 13 Rights of Ways and Trees Old Manor House, High St, Mayfield 13:30


Please note that minutes of meetings are available for viewing online at: and directly at the Parish Council Office.