Parish Council News – December 2019

A Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to all residents of Mayfield and Five Ashes!

Public Consultation

First of all can I strongly urgeresidents to read the article in this month’s Newsletter outlining the consultation on a new community hall and GP Practice in Mayfield that, at the time of writing this article, is planned to run for six weeks at the beginning of December 2019 to mid-January 2020. It is important that you do not miss your opportunity to have your say during the consultation period. More information will also be posted on the Community website when available.


Welcome to our new Councillors

At our Parish Council meeting on 11 November 2019 three new Councillors were co-opted and now all positions on the Council have been filled.

Jim Rait has been co-opted to represent Five Ashes Ward. He has lived in Five Ashes for 11 years, is currently retired with a background in IT and is involved in a number of voluntary/ charity enterprises.

Sally Ann Tibbles has also been co-opted to represent Five Ashes Ward. She has lived here for 25 years and her children attended the local schools. She has been very involved in village affairs and active on various school committees.

Jane Driscoll has been co- opted to represent Mayfield Ward. She is now retired, does a lot of voluntary work for the community and is a member of the Festival Choir. Jane previously served on the Parish Council between 2007 and 2015.


Tourist information point

The delivery of the traditional red telephone kiosk to house a Tourist Information Point in Mayfield High Street was made during the second week in November. It is situated where the previous telephone kiosk used to be, adjacent to the Mayfield village sign, the plan being to provide local information on things to do and walks in the community. The delivery took place on a very cold, wet afternoon and attracted quite a lot of excited attention from children making their way home from the Primary School. At the time of writing this article the concrete floor needs to be laid and some of the windowpanes that allowed access for the strops to lift the kiosk for delivery need to be fitted. Before this takes place, it will remain bound in its polythene cover to prevent access. After the floor has been laid we will look at the fixtures and fittings for leaflets and other local information.


Anti-social behaviour

I am sorry to have to report that there has been some more anti-social behaviour at the skatepark. It seems that a lot of fireworks were let off at the start of November and there was a large amount of debris strewn about. Sadly, it appears that one firework was actually launched from the top of the wooden jump box and now the top of that ramp is damaged and the cost of its repair will need to come from public funds that could be better used elsewhere. Hopefully now that the Guy Fawkes Night has passed it will not re-occur.


Deer Aware Campaign

Motorists in East Sussex are being urged to be ‘deer aware’ to avoid colliding with the creatures on rural roads. Every year there are an estimated 74,000 deer-related traffic collisions in the UK, with the risk of encountering the animals on the road increasing during the mating season. People should take particular care in areas where there are deer warning signs or heavily wooded roads, at night, around dawn and dusk when deer are most likely to venture out.

Deer may appear on the road suddenly unexpectedly, particularly at this time of year and the results of a collision with a deer can be very serious.  By following some simple tips, drivers can keep themselves safe and ensure these magnificent creatures can continue to roam freely and thrive in our beautiful countryside.

  • People are advised to use full-beam headlights at night if no other cars are around, as they will reflect the deer’s eyes, but dip their headlights when they see a deer to avoid startling it.
  • Deer often travel in groups so if drivers see one crossing the road they should slow down and drive with caution as others may follow.
  • Anyone who hits a deer is advised to stay calm, park in a safe place with hazard lights on and call the police on 101, or 999 if someone is injured or the deer is in the road.
  • People should not approach or try to comfort an injured deer, as it may make the animal more distressed or cause it to run back into the road.


Keep warm and well

The Keep Warm and Well in East Sussex website has lots of handy tips and advice:

  • Heat your home to at least 18C as this minimises the risk to your health.
  • Try to keep your whole house warm but heat the living room during the day and your bedroom just before you go to sleep if you can’t afford to heat all rooms.
  • Wear a few layers of thin clothing rather than one thick layer; this will trap the heat better to keep you warm.
  • Never use a hot water bottle with an electric blanket. Have your electric blanket tested at least every three years.
  • Get your heating system and cooking appliances checked and keep your home well ventilated.
  • Do not use your gas cooker or oven to heat your home and there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are also simple changes you can make around the house to help keep the warmth in and save money:

  • Fit draught proofing to seal any gaps around windows and doors.
  • Insulate your hot water cylinder (if you have one) and pipes.
  • Draw your curtains at dusk and tuck them behind radiators to help keep heat inside.

Being prepared for the cold weather by stocking up on tinned and frozen foods is also very important so you don’t have to go out too much when it’s cold or icy. Sign up for “coldAlert”, a free service that notifies you before a period of extremely cold weather with messages to you phone, mobile or computer. The link for this is:


The East Sussex Warm Home Check service  ( also offers trusted and impartial advice to anyone struggling to keep warm at home, as well as free Warm Home Check for those eligible. The service provides a range of advice including help with paying energy bills, switching energy supplier, claiming all the benefits to which you’re entitled, improving your heating or insulation and lots more general tips on keeping warm and well at home. For more information, and to see you if you qualify for a free Warm Home Check, visit the Keep Warm and Well website, text WARM to 81400, call 03444 111444 or drop in to any Citizens Advice office in East Sussex.


Gatwick Airport expansion plans

Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions are requesting local your thoughts on Gatwick’s expansion plans and have asked us to share their survey to provide them with feedback. The link to the survey is at:


Office opening times

The Parish Council office will be closed on Wednesday 04 December 2019 due a Wealden Clerk’s meeting. Over the Christmas holiday the office will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 to Friday 03 January 2020.


Parish Council Grants:

Please note that the application deadline for Parish Council grants each year is 30 September for the following financial year. Information on how to apply and the application form can be found in the “Key Documents / Finance” section on the Parish Council website at