MCC Update – September 2023

Following the demise of the original plan for the new Mayfield Community and Health Centre due to it exceeding budget, a ‘Plan B’ is now actively being pursued by the Parish Council (PC) which will involve a combined design and build approach.  The PC has received a quote for a ‘Plan B’ design from a reputable builder who has prior experience of building a number of community and health centres in the region.

This quote is based on some preliminary design work commissioned by the Parish Council . The community centre element is inevitably a little smaller than the original design but still provides the majority of the originally desired functionality.

Moreover, the quote provides us with a good basis for further discussion and the PC is currently negotiating further to achieve the best price possible. However, the design and costings are commercially sensitive at this time but will be shared if and when possible as the project progresses.

The timescales are also encouraging under the circumstances, but are largely dependent on the time required to achieve revised planning consent.

There is a lot of activity currently taking place behind the scenes and as the month’s progress we should have more definitive information to share.

Further information about the project will be also be made available on the village Facebook site and the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council website, as it becomes available.