MCC Update – October 2022

The planning application for the proposed Mayfield Community and Health Centre went live on Wealden District Council’s (WDC) Planning Portal on 1st September 2022. The final documents relating to the planning application for a combined new community facility and medical centre can now be viewed and the public is entitled to make comments until Friday 7th October.  The planning reference is WD/2022/1997/MAJ.

Further information is also available at and the Mayfield village Facebook site, where links to the planning application portal can be found. Parish residents may also express their views, whether for or against, on the village Facebook site or via email to  

Prior to the submission of the planning application to WDC’s planning department on the 28th July, the planning documentation was approved in principle by the Parish Council at its May 2022 Parish Council meeting. The application will be considered at either the October or November 2022 WDC Planning Committee (North) Meetings and the outcome will be made known shortly thereafter.

In parallel with the planning application process is ongoing work in the preparation of the ‘Invitation to Tender’ for the building works.

We will continue to post further information and updates on the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish website and on the village Facebook site.