MCC Update – April 2024

A Pre-construction services agreement was signed by the build contractor in March. As a consequence, the contractor will be mobilising the design team including formally appointing the various professional consultants, and in particular the architects, which means that the real design work now begins. Design team meetings are to be held every two weeks and will commence shortly. The main design drawings are expected to be available in the next couple of months or so and will be shared with everyone when available.

A Development Agreement, which defines the legal arrangements between the parties, is being studied by the Parish Council’s lawyers, as is an Agreement to Lease document, both of which are key legal elements of the project. Other contractual documentation is also being drafted.

An Employers Agent & Quantity Surveyor are being contracted; these experts will be the day-to-day interface between the contractor and the purchasers and will advise on numerous things such as the validity of invoices etc.

Additional funding opportunities continue to be pursued.