MCC Option 3

Some backgrounds points you may wish to consider before selecting your option

Positive points Areas for possible improvement
  • Elevation design generally ok although hall roof might stick out like sore thumb when viewed from front?
  • Generally a good internal layout
  • Entrance from lobby immediately to hub area and then to hall is good
  • Folding doors between two of the meeting rooms is good idea
  • Changing rooms on lower ground level is fine
  • Roof design is not appealing
  • Complicated design which will probably increase build costs
  • Community hub area is smaller than in Option 2
  • If BT exit not possible maybe need to show wider entrance / exit in south west corner
  • Flat roof could mean higher maintenance costs
  • Getting to the hall via the hub might be congested depending on table layout in hub
  • No facility for AV control room
  • Bar and kitchen both need simultaneous access to hall (as per option 2 comment)