Mayfield’s Got Talent

Well, we all knew that… didn’t we?  The Phoenix Players are planning to showcase this talent in an evening of variety performance taking place on Friday 16 & Saturday 17 August 2019

Despite the title, this won’t be a competition (like on the telly) –   we want an evening of happiness, not tears! What it will be is an evening of varied entertainment – comedy, sketches, song, dance, music, perhaps a poetry reading or a monologue or a scene from a drama – in essence whatever our performers can and wish to do. We aim for it to be as inclusive as possible. The goal is to showcase the fantastic talent that we have in our community and to provide a great evening out for the audience.

How can you get involved?

We are having a ‘get involved’ day on Sunday May 12th from anytime between 2 and 6 pm at The Memorial Hall. There is no age limit so children can get involved too (though of course they would need to be accompanied by an appropriate adult). All are welcome (including complete novices) to show or discuss what they would like to do.  We’re looking for pieces that are roughly no more than 5 minutes long.

If you are even just thinking that you might like to have a go but have no idea what you could perform, please do come along. We can help you to discover how you could be involved or match you up with others who are interested in doing something in a group.

If you don’t want to perform, but are interested in helping with costumes, props, backstage, lighting etc then please do come along on Sunday 12th May or get in touch.

Do I have to live in Mayfield to participate?

No, definitely not!  We welcome people from all around the area to take part.

Will the performers get assistance?

We will rehearse individually with the different “acts” during the summer, when needed, and on a flexible basis to suit people’s other commitments.

What if I can’t make the workshop day?

That’s not a problem.  If you can’t manage that day get in touch and we’ll arrange to see you on another day. Similarly get in touch if you would just like to have a chat or to get more information. My email address is and my mobile number is 07738863317.

When will the Shows be?

They will be on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th August at The Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. ( If there is great demand we may be able to arrange an additional performance eg a matinee). We have deliberately chosen to have the Shows during the school holidays because we hope to have some children performing and so late nights won’t impact on schooling. There will be a full rehearsal on Sunday 11th August and dress and technical rehearsals in the evenings during the week of the Show.

So, come along and join us on Sunday 12th May anytime from 2 – 6 pm at The Memorial Hall, Mayfield, to see how you can get involved!