Mayfield Community Centre Advisory


Gill Weavers
Chris Lilley
James Lench
Jane Driscoll
Deveda Redman
Tommy Buck
Richard Tupper
David Miles


Terms of Reference

1. Principles

1.1. To arrange for and manage the implementation and subsequent operation of a new combined Community & Health Centre for Mayfield

1.2. The Committee is of Advisory status:

a) It will meet as frequently as necessary, a minimum of once per year as summoned by the Clerk

b) It will consist of the Council Chairman, the Vice Chairman and up to thirteen additional Councillors

c) A quorum will be three members

d) It will be accountable to the Full Council

e) It will consult with advisors as necessary

f) It may delegate its responsibilities to one or more sub-committees

2. Duties of Committee

2.1. The Committee will ensure that adequate arrangements are in place to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Functions

3.1. The Parish Council (PC) has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (signed 2nd February 2021) with Wealden District Council (WDC) for the implementation of the combined community and health centre

3.2. The functions of the Mayfield Community Centre Committee shall include the following responsibilities:

a) The filling of positions in the joint WDC / PC Project Sponsor Board and the Project Management Team

b) Oversight of the project and the work of the joint WDC/PC Project Sponsor Board and Project Management Team

c) Input as necessary into the PMT and PSB to ensure the requirements of the PC are met

d) Oversight of key appointments including architect, quantity surveyor/ employers agent and building construction