Mayfair this Saturday

Photo of a crowd joining in to dance round the Maypole at the Mayfield MayfairThe Mayfield Mayfair takes place this coming Saturday (13th May) between 1pm and 4pm.

Please note that this means that the High Street will be CLOSED between Mayfield Garage and the horse trough between 11am and 5pm to allow for setting up beforehand and clearing away afterwards.  The normal bus service will be diverted round the A267 by-pass during this time with passengers using bus stops on the A267.

There is a packed programme of events – see the Mayfield Mayfair website for full details or the Mayfair Facebook page for the latest discussions and updates.

Also make sure you stay to the end for the BIG DANCE.  We want to beat the world record for number of dancers round a Maypole at the same time.