Janna Todd
Parish Clerk

Janna Todd

The Old Manor House, High Street,
Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6AL

Tel & Fax 01435 873784 
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Paul Amans

Paul Amans (Mayfield)

2 Love Lane
TN20 6EN

Tel: 01435 872106
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Howard Blakbrough

Howard Blakeborough (Mayfield)

The Warren
Mayfield TN20 6UB

Tel: 07850 869881
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Andrew Burnett

Andrew Burnett (Mayfield)

1 Warren Terrace
TN20 6TS

Tel: 07919 002139
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Tommy Buck

Tommy Buck (Mayfield)

24 Southmead Close, 
TN20 6UJ,

Tel: 07718 787748
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Chris Dines

Chris Dines (Rushers Cross)

High Brunner
Coggins Mill Lane
Mayfield TN20 6UL

Tel: 07557 238738
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Jo Eates

Jo Eates (Mayfield)

9 Dunstans Croft
TN20 6UH

Tel: 07876 032656
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Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis (Five Ashes)

Coggins Mill Lane
Mayfield TN20 6UL

Tel: 07730 382482
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Martin Lawson

Martin Lawson (Mayfield)

Beaver House
Station Road
Mayfield TN20 6BH

Tel:  07776 137557
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Chris Lilly

Chris Lilly (Mayfield)

Versyns Farm, 
Vale Road,
Mayfield TN20 6BD

Tel: 01435 873631 
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Joel Marlow (Mayfield)

Magnolia House
Wellbrook Hill
Mayfield TN20 6HH

Tel: 07969 078643
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Ian Parker

Ian Parker (Mayfield)

Meriden, Sunny Bank Close,
Mayfield, TN20 6TT

Tel 07971 979137
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Andrew Ratcliffe

Andrew Ratcliffe (Mayfield)

Hoopers Farm, Vale Road
Mayfield TN20 6BD

Tel: 01435 873310
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Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma (Mayfield)

Londis, 8 High Street
Mayfield TN20 6AA

Tel: 07532 003174
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Sally Ann

Sally Ann Tibbles (Five Ashes)

Lower Crabb, Wellbrook Hill
Nr Five Ashes, Mayfield, TN20 6HJ

Tel: 01435 872469
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Rodney Warren

Rodney Warren (Five Ashes)

Five Ashes, TN20 6HY

Tel: 07860 628844
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