Finance and General Purposes Committee

Chris LillyMembers

Cllr Chris Lilly (Chairman)
Andrew Ratcliffe
Paul Amans
Ian Parker
Chris Dines

Principle responsibilities

  • Council Financial matters;
  • Co-ordination of Parish Council Plan financial priorities,
  • Compilation of Finance section of Annual Return
  • Budget

Terms of reference 

1 Principles

  • To create policies for the safe and efficient management of the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council, to ensure its status as a council of quality
  • The management committee is of Executive Status
  • It will meet no more than eleven times per year as summoned by the Clerk
  • It will consist of a minimum of five Councillors, one of which will be the Parish Council Chairman.
  • It will be accountable to the Full Council

2 Duties of The Executive Committee

  • The Committee will produce policies, and actions for the management of Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council on behalf of the Full Council and for its subsequent ratification.
  • Such policies and actions will enable the Clerk to carry out the functions outlined:


  • The functions of the Finance and General Purposes Committee are:
  • Ensure accounting policies are in place
  • Set up financial accounting systems
  • Preparation of the annual budget
  • Provision of approved facilities for the financial audit
  • Authorise project expenditure for the Committee’s own projects and those from Advisory Committees
  • Ensure the publication of monthly financial results and analysis
  • Ensure that the Council Risk Assessment Process is carried out
  • Consider and make decisions on any legal matters affecting the Council
  • To ensure sound management functions and processes are in place to cover all aspects of the Council’s work
  • Consult on matters with specialist Advisory Committees as appropriate
  • Ensure that the Parish Council acts lawfully and carries out its lawful functions
  • Ensure that the Clerk’s salary is correctly assessed and that regular annual appraisals are carried out
  • To ensure that the Parish Council Communications systems are effective
  • Ensure that the Parish Council maintains highest quality standards
  • To regulate the constitution of the Parish Council’s Committees


  • An audio recording of Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings will be retained by the clerk at the discretion of the Committee Chairman
  • The Clerk will attend all meetings of the Committee and will advise on any matters that the Committee may need to discuss.
  • The Clerk will carry out all actions of the committee and report progress on a regular basis.
  • The Clerk as RFO will carry out the financial policies and budget of the Committee and of the Full Council.


  • The public are invited to attend all meetings of the committee and are advised that meetings may be recorded at the Chairman’s discretion.