Community Safety and Traffic Committee


Cllr Tommy Buck (Chairman)
Jo Eates
Martin Lawson
Chris Dines
Sally Ann Tibbles
Joel Marlow

Principle responsibilities

  • Traffic calming;
  • Road signs;
  • Car parking;
  • Car parks;
  • Emergency planning;
  • Police matters;
  • Neighbourhood watch;
  • Roads maintenance;
  • Road junction Finger posts, Road Naming;
  • Street Lighting:
  • Traffic Accidents;
  • Mayfield Roundabout;

1.    Principles

1.1. To create policies for the safe and efficient management of the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council in the areas of Community Safety and Traffic Management to ensure its status as a council of quality.

1.2. The Committee is of Advisory status:

  • It will meet at least four times per year as summoned by the Clerk.
  • It will consist of up to six members, one of which will be the Parish Council Chairman in an ex-officio role. There will be up to six lay members.
  • It will consult with advisors as necessary.
  • It will be accountable to the Full Council and for finance issues to the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

2.    Duties of the Advisory Committee

2.1.    The Committee will produce policies and actions for the management of the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council on behalf of the Full Council and for its subsequent ratification.

2.2.    Such policies and actions will enable the Clerk to carry out the responsibilities outlined.

3.    Responsibilities

3.1. The responsibilities of Community Safety and Traffic Committee are:

  • Public notification of temporary road closures
  • Cycling and cycle networks including the National Cycle Network
  • Monitoring of roadside gutters and gullies
  • Monitoring car parking.
  • Liaising on speed restrictions on roads.
  • Advising East Sussex County Council (ESCC) on roads within the parish network
  • Public services transport operation
  • Advising ESCC of pedestrian problems
  • Liaising with local teams on crime and crime prevention
  • Liaising with other authorities regarding parking and road speed
  • Public celebrations and village functions safety arrangements
  • Liaising with street lighting contractor

3.2  It will consult on behalf of the Parish Council on:

  • Transport policy
  • Road naming
  • Police issues
  • Fire and rescue
  • Public transport
  • Street lighting
  • Car Parking

3.3       It will be responsible for Parish Plan Actions designated as within its remit,  producing reports to the RFO for input to the annual budget.

4.    Relations

4.1.   The Clerk will attend all meetings of the Committee and will advise on any matters that the Committee may from time to time place.

4.2.  The Clerk will carry out all designated actions of the Committee and report progress on a regular basis.

4.3. The Clerk as RFO will carry out the financial policies and budget of the Committee.

4.4.  The Clerk will ensure that sufficient technical advisers are available to assist the Committee discharge its responsibilities as needed.

5.  Public Attendance

5.1      The public are invited to attend all meetings of the committee and are advised that meetings may be recorded at the Chairman’s discretion.