Community Development Committee



Andrew Ratcliffe
Jo Eates
Raj Sharma
Sally Ann Tibbles
Joel Marlow
Rodney Warren


Principle responsibilities

  • Youth matters, all issues
  • Parish Plans and associated matters;
  • Village services
  • Court Meadow and other environmental land, all issues;
  • Play areas, and allotments

Terms of Reference

1.    Principles

1.1.      To give advice and proposals on all Community Development issues affecting Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish. To note and comment on the Wealden District Council Community Policy issues and to take into account residents’ suggestions, comments and concerns

1.2.      The Committee is of Advisory status:

  • It will meet four times per year as summoned by the Clerk.
  • It will consist of at least four Councillors, one of which will be the Committee Chairman. The Chairman of the Full Council will be a member in an ex officio role. There will be up to four lay members selected from residents.
  • A quorum will be three members
  • It will be accountable to the Full Council, and for Finance issues to the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

2.    Duties Of The Community Development Committee

2.1.    The Committee will give advice and make proposals on community development issues affecting the Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council area.

2.2.    The Committee will make comments in support or otherwise to assist the decision making process of Wealden District Council on Core Strategy issues.

2.3.    The committee will outline policy for the maintenance and management of Court Meadow

2.4.    The Committee will outline policy and actions to enable the Clerk to administrate the functions outlined below.

3.    Functions

3.1.      The functions of the Community Development Committee are:

  • To produce the Mayfield and Five Ashes village statement for the next twenty years.
  • To ensure that parish planning is compatible with Wealden District Council Local Plan.
  • To examine major planning proposals for housing  and to make observations and comment to assist Wealden District Council in the planning process.
  • To consider housing needs.
  • To consider public comment.
  • To maintain a statistical record of Parish Facilities.
  • To take account of the special needs of listed buildings, and to take account of any needs of the conservation area and Area of Outstanding National Beauty.
  • To identify and develop support for local community services.
  • To consult with residents over issues for consideration for inclusion in the annual parish budget.
  • To oversee the function of Court Meadow management.

4.    Relations

4.1.  An audio recording of Community Development Committee meetings will be retained by the clerk at the discretion of the Committee Chairman.

4.2.  The Clerk will attend all meetings of the Community Development Committee and will advise on any matters which the Committee may need to discuss.

4.3.  The Clerk will carry out all actions of the Committee and report progress on a regular basis.

4.4.  The Clerk as RFO will carry out the financial policies and budget of the Committee.

5.    Public Attendance

5.1.  The public are invited to attend all meetings of the committee and are advised that meetings may be recorded at the Chairman’s discretion.