Community Centre Update

Mayfield Community & Health Centre – November update

 Wealden District Council (WDC)

At the WDC Cabinet meeting on 28th October 2020, WDC formally agreed to pursue and support the community and health centre project in Mayfield. This was followed by a draft Heads of Terms document from WDC (they call it a Memorandum of Agreement) based on the Parish Council’s Heads of Terms document. Pleasingly there is broad alignment in the thinking and feedback has been provided on various detailed points.

A joint steering board together with a working group will be created to pursue the project.

The mutually agreed goal is to have a formal legal document signed by both parties by the start of 2021 whereupon the project can really begin.

The current forecast ready for occupation date is quarter one of 2023.

  1. Fields in Trust (FIT)

The formal Deeds of Declaration cannot be generated until architect’s plans have been finalised (a FIT requirement).

The Jubilee Wood upgrade project to implement a nature trail has been in hand for some time pending finding an expert in nature trails. We are in discussion with Sussex Wildlife in order to establish a final specification of requirements. The plan is to complete the works by Spring 2021.

  1. Mayfield Community Centre Committee (MCC)

Until the first week of November the MCC committee had not met because there had not been anything new to report since we have been waiting for WDC’s feedback. Now that we have this the MCC met on 4th November 2020 to discuss the draft Memorandum of Agreement, the project timescales, and other supporting documentation. This was presented to the full Parish Council for comment at its meeting on 09 November 2020.