The Mayfield Trust

(Mayfield Charity - Registered Charity No 212996) - Located in Mayfield, East Sussex

How the Trust can help you

Subject to availability of funds the Mayfield Trust can offer grants to individuals or organisations for a variety of purposes related to health, social and educational needs.  This could include purchase of medical or mobility equipment, helping with a family emergency or giving a grant to a playgroup. All requests by individuals are treated in strict confidence.

Restrictions affecting grants are: -

a) The applicant must live within the ancient parish of Mayfield, which includes Mayfield, Five Ashes and part of Hadlow Down.
b) We cannot give grants for religious or political purposes.
c) Grants are normally given on a one-off rather than an on-going basis.
d) Although we do not make detailed inquiries into people’s financial circumstances, it is only fair that we direct our grants to those with a very limited budget.


How you can help the Trust

The Mayfield Trust is a very long established body, having existed in various forms for about 230 years.  Its funds originate from money or property left in the wills of a number of benefactors, notably the Baker family.

If you feel you would like to commemorate your life in Mayfield what better way to do so than to leave a legacy to the Trust?  The needs we have to meet may change over time – they do not diminish or cease.

For further information contact the Chairman or the Clerk.


Mrs Joy Pettit
3 Station Road
Mayfield TN20 6BL

01435 873231


Mrs Brenda Hopkin
Alexandra Road
Mayfield TN20 6UD

Tel 01435 873279


Dr John Hall Memorial Trust

This is another trust set up to help persons in Mayield and Five Ashes - click on the link for more details