Dear Residents,

Please be assured that we are working closely with advice from Public Health England to attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus within our Parish.  There are currently twenty-one confirmed cases in East Sussex and sadly a second person has now died from the disease.

In line with government recommendations regrettably we will be closing the playgrounds in both Mayfield and Five Ashes.  The public toilets in South Street will also be closed.

Communities are being strongly encouraged to establish Community Hub’s and I am pleased to say that we are working closely with MAYFACs under the guidance of Shirley Holland to reach out to all vulnerable residents.  Every household will have received a letter offering a helpline number (01435 873888) and a network of volunteers has been set up to support them.  Further details can be found on the community website.

Essential shops remain open in our high street to provide daily supplies and offer a delivery service to those who cannot leave their homes.

Woodhill Surgery in Mayfield is open and working closely with local residents to address medical needs and offer guidance and support.

On Tuesday the Health Minister announced effectively a “lockdown” of people moving around as the spread of the disease remains on the increase with numbers expected to rise over the forthcoming weeks.  We should only leave our houses for four reasons:

  • To buy food
  • To exercise once a day alone or with members of the same household, because of a medical need or to provide care for a vulnerable person
  • To travel to or from work that cannot be done from home. If you have to work away from home a 2-metre gap is recommended between employees
  • Non-essential shops must close

Gatherings of more than two people should not be allowed.  For this reason many events within our Parish have now been cancelled including the Mayfield Music Festival and the VE day celebrations. Please watch our website for updates.

These are radical changes to our way of life but essential if we are to stop the spread of this vicious disease and help to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

We are living in extraordinary times, we must come together and help each other, and the value of our Parish community and the people within it has never been stronger.

Take good care and keep safe.

Gill Weavers
Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council

Coronavirus Letter