The Parish of Mayfield and Five Ashes

This page shows a Google map of the parish, and at the bottom a list of all the streets in the parish and where to find them. You can zoom in on the Google map to see the two villages of Mayfield and Five

List and location of all the streets in Mayfield and Five Ashes

MayfieldALEXANDRA ROADOff top end of Coggins Mill Road leading to Dunstans Croft.
Argos HillARGOS HILL LANEWest from A267 up to Argos Hill Windmill
MayfieldASHLEY GARDENSHalfway along West Street on the north side. No through road
Argos HillBASSETTS LANENorth from A267 just east of Argos Hill. No through road
WellbrookBERKLEY ROAD3rd turning off east side of A267 going south from Mayfield roundabout. No through road.
MayfieldBREWERS GROVESouth side of South Street. No through road
MayfieldCOGGINS MILL ROADFrom east end of Fletching Street to Rushers Cross and Tidebrook
MayfieldCORDBATT HILLFrom The Avenue south to Vale Road
Five AshesCRIERS LANEFrom A267 in Five Ashes west to Brick Kiln Lane.
Butchers CrossDENNIS LANEBetween A267 and Horleigh Green Road
MayfieldDUNSTANS CROFTLoop at the end of Alexandra Road. No through road.
MayfieldEAST STREETFrom east end of Fletching Street to Scotsford Hill.
MayfieldFIR TOLL CLOSEOff the western end of Station Road.
MayfieldFIR TOLL ROADWest from near A267 roundabout. Splits into two branches which meet Horleigh Green Road.
MayfieldFLETCHING STREETFrom east end of High Street to junction with Coggins Mill Road
Five AshesFROG HOLE LANEFrom A267 in Five Ashes south toMeres Lane.
MayfieldHIGH STREETMain road through Mayfield.
MayfieldHOLDERS LANEOne-way from High Street down to South Street & car park
Five AshesHOLLY BEECH LANEFrom A267 in Five Ashes to Skippers Hill
Butchers CrossHORLEIGH GREEN ROADNorth from A267 at Butchers Cross (east end of Five Ashes) towards Rotherhurst.
MayfieldKNOWLE HILLbetween south end of West Street and Newick Lane.
MayfieldKNOWLE PARK ROADon south side West Street near junction with Knowle Hill. No through road.
Rushers CrossLAKE STREETbetween Coggins Mill Road and the A267 road south of Mark Cross.
Five AshesLEEDS LANEFrom A267 in centre of Five Ashes to Meres Lane.
MayfieldLITTLE TRODGERS LANEoff Tunbridge Wells Road up to Lake Street.
MayfieldLOVE LANEfrom east end of Station Road to Victoria Road (footpath only to Rotherfield Lane).
MayfieldLOXFIELD CLOSEoff southern end of West Street. No through road.
MayfieldMAYCROFT PLACEwest side of Station Road near roundabout end. No through road
MayfieldMAYFIELD CLOSEextension of Station Approach. No through road
MayfieldMAYFIELD GRANGEestate on east side of Little Trodgers Lane on site of old boys' school
Five AshesMERES LANEFrom A267 north of Five Ashes, passing east of Five Ashes back to A267 north of Cross-in-Hand.
Five AshesMOUNTREEDOff Queensmount. No through road
MayfieldNEWICK LANEfrom Knowle Hill south to A265 Burwash Road.
MayfieldNORTH STREETtiny alley off the north side of the High Street. No vehicular access.
MayfieldOLD LANEhalfway along Station Road. (beside R. C. Church). Unsuitable for vehicles.
MayfieldPENNYBRIDGE LANEbetween bottom of Coggins Mill Road and Lake Street. Narrow road
MayfieldPICCADILLY LANEfrom East Street/Scotsford Hill to Newick Lane. Narrow road.
Five AshesQUEENSMOUNTOff Criers Lane. No through road.
MayfieldRICHMEAD GARDENSoff south side of South Street. No through road
WellbrookROSELANDS AVENUE1st turning off east side of A267 going south from Mayfield roundabout. No through road.
MayfieldROTHERFIELD LANEbetween east end of Station Road and A267 to Tunbridge Wells near Argos Hill.
WellbrookROTHERMEAD2nd turning off east side of A267 going south from Mayfield roundabout. No through road.
MayfieldROYAL OAK MEWSoff north side of High Street. No through road.
MayfieldSCOTSFORD HILLfrom south end of East Street to Street End Lane.
MayfieldSHIRLEY ROADoff South Street. No through road leading only to St. Mary's-in-the-Fields
Five AshesSKIPPERS HILLBetween A267 in Five Ashes and Criers Lane
MayfieldSOUTH STREETbetween West Street and The Avenue.
MayfieldSOUTHMEAD CLOSEoff north side of East Street. No through road.
Five AshesSPRING LANEBetween A267 opposite the green in Five Ashes and the A272
MayfieldST. MARY?S IN THE FIELDSoff Shirley Road. No through road.
MayfieldSTAR LANEpedestrian lane south off High Street down to The Avenue
MayfieldSTAR MEWSsouth off High Street. No through road.
MayfieldSTATION ROADbetween east end of High Street and Stone Cross
MayfieldSTONE CROSSBetween west end of Station Road and turn in road before A267 roundabout
Five AshesSTONEHURST LANEFrom Skippers Hill north and east to crossroads at Hadlow Down.
MayfieldSTREET END LANEcontinuation of Scotsford Hill south to A265 Burwash Road.
MayfieldSUNNYBANK CLOSEpedestrian lane south at junction of High Street and Fletching Street.
MayfieldSWIFE LANEfrom Witherenden Road to A265 Burwash Road.
MayfieldTHE AVENUEFrom halfway down Fletching Street to South Street.
MayfieldTHE GLADEEast off Rotherfield Lane near the High Street
MayfieldTHE GROVEOff the High Street between Rotherfield Lane and North St. No through road.
MayfieldTHE WARRENprivate road which loops off south side of East Street.
Rushers CrossTIDEBROOK ROADFrom junction with Lake Street and Coggins Mill Lane, north to Tidebrook and then Wadhurst
MayfieldTUNBRIDGE WELLS ROADfrom east end of High Street north to A267.
MayfieldVALE ROADfrom the centre of South Street south to Cordbatt Hill then no through road beyond that.
MayfieldVICTORIA ROADeast from Love Lane. End section unsuitable for vehicles leads to Old Lane.
WellbrookWELLBROOKfrom Stone Cross to roundabout on A267 including slip road at side
MayfieldWEST STREETfrom western end of High Street, south-west to Knowle Hill.
Five AshesWESTFIELD CLOSENorth off Leeds Lane near A267. No through road.
Five AshesWESTREED CLOSEFrom A267 to Leeds Lane. short road by village ?green?.
MayfieldWITHERENDEN ROADfrom junction of Scotsford Hill and Street End lane eastwards.
MayfieldWOODLAND PLACEoff Southmead near the east end. No through road.